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Stripeless Tigers

White Tiger

An additional genetic condition can result in near-complete absence of stripes, making the tiger almost pure white. One such specimen was exhibited at Exeter Change in England in 1820, and described by Georges Cuvier as “A white variety of Tiger is sometimes seen, with the stripes very opaque, and not to be observed except in certain angles of light.”[3] Naturalist Richard Lydekker said that, “a white tiger, in which the fur was of a creamy tint, with the usual stripes faintly visible in certain parts, was exhibited at the old menagerie at Exeter Change about the year 1820.”[4] Hamilton Smith said, “A wholly white tiger, with the stripe-pattern visible only under reflected light, like the pattern of a white tabby cat, was exhibited in the Exeter Change Menagerie in 1820.”, and John George Wood stated that, “a creamy white, with the ordinary tigerine stripes so faintly marked that they were only visible in certain lights.” Edwin Henry Landseer also drew this tigress in 1824.

The modern strain of snow white tigers came from repeated brother–sister matings of Bhim and Sumita at Cincinnati Zoo. The gene involved may have come from a Siberian tiger, their part-Siberian ancestor Tony. Continued inbreeding appears to have caused a recessive gene for stripelessness to show up. About one fourth of Bhim and Sumita’s offspring were stripeless. Their striped white offspring, which have been sold to zoos around the world, may also carry the stripeless gene. Because Tony’s genome is present in many white tiger pedigrees, the gene may also be present in other captive white tigers. As a result, stripeless white tigers have appeared in zoos as far afield as the Czech Republic (Liberec), Spain and Mexico. Stage magicians Siegfried & Roy were the first to attempt to selectively breed tigers for stripelessness; they owned snow-white Bengal tigers taken from Cincinnati Zoo (Tsumura, Mantra, Mirage and Akbar-Kabul) and Guadalajara, Mexico (Vishnu and Jahan), as well as a stripeless Siberian tiger called Apollo.[5]

In 2004, a blue-eyed, stripeless white tiger was born in a wildlife refuge in Alicante, Spain. Its parents are normal orange Bengals. The cub was named “Artico” (“Arctic”

Variations of White Tiger

White Tiger

The white Bengal tigers are particular because of the shade of their hide. The white hide brought about by an absence of the shade pheomelanin, which is found in Bengal tigers with orange shading hide. When contrasted with Bengal tigers, the white Bengal tigers will, in general, become quicker and heavier than the orange Bengal tiger. They additionally will, in general, be to some degree greater during childbirth, and as completely developed grown-ups. White Bengal tigers are completely developed when they are 2–3 years old. White male tigers arrive at loads of 200 to 230 kilograms (440 to 510 lb) and can grow up to 3 meters (9.8 ft) long. Likewise, with all tigers, the white Bengal tiger’s stripes resemble fingerprints, with no two tigers having a similar example. The stripes of the tiger are a pigmentation of the skin; if an individual were to be shaved, its unmistakable coat example would even now be visible.[2]

For a white Bengal tiger to be conceived, the two guardians must convey the strange quality for white shading, which just happens normally about once in 10,000 births.[2] Dark-striped white people are very much archived in the Bengal tiger subspecies (Panthera tigris) just as having been accounted for generally in a few other subspecies.[2] Currently, a few hundred white tigers are in bondage around the world, with around one hundred being found in India. Their one of a kind white shading hide has made them well known in amusement exhibiting colourful creatures, and at zoos.

Snow Tiger – Briefly explained, Who are they.

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Snow Tiger: things to know

photo of Snow tiger
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Snow Tiger, we all have heard this name so many times. This is known to be the pigmentation variant of the Bengal tiger. Snow Tiger is also termed as the glitter tiger. This is somewhere reported in the states of Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, and Assam. In the Sundarban region, especially and in the former state of Rewa, these are known to be found. The Snow Tiger is somewhat different from the Bengal tiger in colour only. These tigers have black strips and carry a white or near-white coat.

The white tiger is known to be the rarest form with are unique gene inherited from its parents. Due to the presence of this gene, the tiger is known to be white in colour. When it comes to looking at the result which is produced by the parents, it is necessary that two parents must possess a recessive gene. When the parents having the recessive gene are breeding with each other then only the colour of the fur will be white.

It is also to be known that when it comes to looking at the population of these Snow Tiger, presently, they are nowhere in the world. The Tiger usually live in captivity and are known to be found in the wild in India only. The last Tiger was captured in 1950. And it is to be known that the ones which are available here are known to be born from this single Tiger only.The one having the recessive gene is known to be promoting this population to an extent.

Classification of Snow Tiger :

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Genus: Panthera

If you wish to know more about these tigers, then hear some basic facts about Snow Tiger that are mentioned, which will definitely fascinate you.

These are:

  • These white tigers are not separate subspecies. Also, they are not the royal white tigers as well. They are known to be the Snow Tiger just because of their colour. There is no specific distinction considering two characteristics they are having. They are the Tigers, which simply born with white fur.
  • These Snow Tiger adapt the white furs because of the rare genetic mutation. It is to be known that one in 10,000 wild tigers get this rare genetic mutation. And the one who got the same is termed under the category of Snow Tiger.
  • When it comes to looking at the normal Tiger behaviour, In the Wild, it prevents inbreeding. This breeding is known to be the reason why the white cabs produced.
  • White tigers are known to be the best one when one wants to see the high neonatal mortality rate. They are known to exceed 80% neonatal mortality rate these days. And the result has been shown by the captive breeding of White Tigers.
  • If one is forcefully letting these tigers inbreed, then they need to do inbreeding multiple times so that they can get to the one perfect white tiger.
  • When it comes to looking at the average number of cubs born and are known to be healthy white tiger cubs, then these are 1 in 30. Rest of the ones is typically born deformed. They are known to be the ones who do not have the same colour, and also they die shortly due to genetic effects.
  • The Last Time when the Tiger get shot in 1958. After the same no, such cases have been considered and reported.
  • The white tigers are going towards extinction as well. Therefore it is important that they are going for inbreeding processes artificially.
  • The Snow Tiger cubs cost very high in earlier times as well. If one wants to buy this, then it is a must. They are paying a very high amount for the same. But due to the introduction of so many breeders, the price has dropped drastically. They are not known to be that much value these days.
  • The lifespan of a white tiger is 10 to 20 years. And in various cases, there might be changes due to the inheritance of recessive characters they die after their birth only.
  • These white tigers are known to possess the top speed of 96 kilometres per hour.
  • When it comes to looking at the shoulder height of White Tiger it is about 80 to 110 cms.
  • The weight of an adult white male tiger is around 190-260 kilograms and the weight of a female tiger is around 158 kilograms.
  • In comparison to orange Bengal tigers, these tigers are bigger in size at the time of birth and in adult food as well.
  • These tigers get mature early. At the age of 2 or 3 years, these tigers are fully grown.

And many other features are there which are linked to these Snow Tiger. Now also some of the researches are going on conceiving to these wise tigers and scientist are looking forward to preserving them in any manner. If one wants to contribute towards the same they can also get in touch with the researchers and let them know about it. It is also important to preserve them because if the same happened then it will become difficult for the future generation to see them.


It is also a must that humans are also being considered for wildlife. Due to some human activities as well, these tigers are in danger. Therefore it is necessary that when one is looking forward to contributing to wildlife, they are contributing it in an efficient manner. In case they are looking forward to contributing to our life, but they are not doing the same exactly, then it will harm the wildlife unnecessarily, and the results are thrown out to be bad ones. Therefore it is necessary if humans are looking forward to taking the steps they are taking it with a lot of consideration.

These are known to be few facts and things that are related to these Snow Tiger. If you wish to know more about them and you have any queries considered to them, then let us know in the comment section below. We will try to get back to you with an answer and also will help you to know about the things more appropriately.

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The White Tiger – All about the Novel


Essential things to know about The White Tiger

the white tiger

The White Tiger is a debut novel given by Aravind Adiga. He is an Indian author. Which book was published in the year 2008 and the author was awarded as 40th Man Booker. The whole content of this book is given to the perspective of India’s class struggling in the globalized world. The narration has been given around a village boy named Balram halwai. In this noble, the journey of Balram has been described how he struggled in his life. The details of Balram journey to Delhi and then to Bangalore has been described. In Delhi, Balram worked as a chauffeur for a rich landlord and then he went to Bangalore.

Through this novel The White Tiger, the author tries to examine the issues related to corruption, caste, religion, loyalty and poverty in the Indian country. Indus flow Noble, the struggle of Balram is shown that how is he struggled in life and established his own taxi service point in a nation where everyone is shedding the poverty and underdeveloped history, he is the one who represents himself as tomorrow.

The White Tiger – The Award-winning Novel

This novel, The White Tiger has been well received and also along with the Man Booker prize it also been listed in the New York Times bestseller list. At the age of 33, Aravind Adiga was the second youngest writer and The Fourth debut writer who won the price in the year 2008. The author says that this novel is an attempt to help you in understanding the voice of the colossal underclass person. It is basically a capture of the unspoken voice of people from the darkness especially, the people residing in the rural areas of India. He wanted to sentimentally portray the humorous weaklings of the country.

Plot summary of Bengal tiger

In this novel The White Tiger, Balram halwai is the prime narrator. And he narrates his whole life in a letter where he explains how being a son of a popular he escaped from life and become a successful businessman. He describes himself as an entrepreneur in the letter that he completed in seventh consecutive nights.

According to the details given in the letter of The White Tiger Novel, he was born in the rural village of Laxman Garh where he lived with his grandparents, parents, brother and extended family. He was a smart child but due to having poverty, he was forced to leave the school. In order to pay for the cousin’s dowry, he started working at a tea shop. By listening to the consumer conversations from the tea shop, he started learning about the government of India and the economic factor as well. In his letter, he describes that he is a bad servant but still he was a good listener. Thereafter he decided to become a driver.

After taking the decision, he started learning how to drive. Thereafter he finds the driver job in the lakshmangarh landlord house. From a small car, he takes over the job of the main driver. He drives heavy luxury cars as Honda City. Thereafter he stops sending money to his family and started disrespecting his grandmother when he gets back to his village. Thereafter he moved to New Delhi with Ashok and his wife. After reaching Delhi and residing there, he gets exposed to the extensive corruption especially in the government. In Delhi, he becomes more evident in the contrast between the wealthy and the poor.

One night it happened that Pinky madam the wife of Ashok takes the car from Balram when she was drunk. Thereafter she hit something in the road and then drives away. It was assumed that she has killed a child. Thereafter the family of the landlord Ashok puts a pressure on Balram to confess that he was driving the car alone. Ashok was so much involved in driving a matter with the government officials because of his family coal business. Later on, Balram decides that he will kill the landlord that is Ashok and then only he will be able to escape. But he was still unable or unwilling to break out the cage. Even, Ashok was also portrayed as being trapped in the metaphorical rooster coop. Ashok family controls what he does and the society dictates how he will act.

Balram bludgeoning Ashok with a bottle and then steel a large bribe and move to Bangalore. Later on, he bribes the police to help him it starting his own taxi business. Just like Ashok, Balram page of a family whose son was hit and killed. Thereafter Balram also explains that how his own family was almost certainly killed by the relatives of Ashok as a retribution for his mother. Thereafter, he ends his letter. At the end of the noble, Balram also rationalize is his actions and considered that his freedom is worth the life of his family and of Ashok family as well. Thereafter he just enters the letter and let the readers to think about the dark humour of the story.

Globalization and Individuality – The White Tiger

The White Tiger Novel shows how the Indian market and Indian society is and how corruption and bribe have changed the whole game. In the first decade, India has become one of the fastest-growing economies. Additionally, Americanization in India has also played an important role. Even there were several bonds of madam Pinky that Ashok wants to fulfil and due to this Ashok Pinky and Balram move towards guru gram New Delhi. This all is because of the willingness to adapt the Americanization. Instead of moving to America, Ashok decided to take madam Pinky to Delhi because it is full of shopping malls and cinemas so that if madam Pinky missed America then she can easily feel good.

The term The White Tiger is a symbolization of power in East Asian cultures. It is the symbol of freedom and individuality. Balram is seen as different as compared to those he grew up with. He is basically one of those who grew up in darkness and started their own way towards light and become a successful entrepreneur.

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White Tiger Marvel

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Essential things to know about White Tiger Marvel

Image credits – marvel.com

Marvels always surprise the fans with their characters and their creations. There are so many things that make them different from other publications available. One will get surprised to know that there are so many things that are being one of the prominent ones when it comes to Marvels. You can take the example of a marble White Tiger. We all are aware that marble white tigers are known to be super fictional heroes. And the role played by them is also one of the most considered one. If you have not aware of the Marvel White Tigers, then here are some of them are mentioned, which you can consider and get the idea about the same.

White Tiger Marvel (Ava Ayala) is known to be one of the fictional superheroes in who is appearing in American comic books. This was published by Marvel Comics. It comes to look at the creation of this character. It was created by Christos Gage and Tom Raney. She first appeared in Avengers Academy #20 December 2011. She is the younger sister of Hector Ayala, known to assume The White Tiger mantle.

Publication history:

When it comes to looking at the publication history, she has first appeared in Avengers Academy. As mentioned above, it was created by Christos Gage. She is known to be among the regular characters in the series and leads to the final issue #39 in January 2013. You are as popular as the main character in Mighty Avengers, starting with the issue #women from September 2013. The starting of the New Avengers issue with #1 in December 2015 also is going to be one of the parts of her story.

Biography of a fictional character:

The biography of this white Tiger is very simple. She is the sister of Hector Ayala and the student who was enrolled in Avengers Academy. He inherited the factor of the white Tiger after the death of his brother. Her family members and the death of her brother inspired her to take the character. She takes the family Legacy forward, and she then appears to be the same. She was more active in the Hispanic community, as well. After the death of her parents, she was living with her sister Awilda’s family.

When it was about the storyline of infinity, the by 2 Tiger was seen along with heroes of higher as well. They were seen preventing the plunders men and stealing the robot parts as well. There were so many things in which the fictional character was being the path, and he was taking The Legacy of a family for World. Everyone was getting excited after hearing the news that she is like the white Tiger here.

When it comes to the last two days of the Secret Wars storyline, the cancellation has been faced by the White Tiger. Along with it, her family members were the parts. Everyone was mad at the white Tiger and their workers in her to choose a life that leads her to so much of death, and that can help her that she is not able to leave it as well. But later on, things will not change, and they were going on as these are now.

Powers and abilities:

The powers and abilities linked with the white marble tiger are also amazing. When the amulets of mystical Tiger are worn by her, she has physical strength, speed, stamina, dexterity, agility, reflexes, and reactions. Moreover, she was also able to co-ordinate and balance along with the things going on. The endurance she and hand are slightly more than the superhuman levels. Also, she is available with razor-sharp claws and some material art skills as well. There is nothing that can let her feel like she is not superior one among all. Abilities were increased to the extent that no one can beat them in any case.

Along with all the features linked with them, there are so many characters that are played by Marvel White Tiger. Basically, 12 characters were being the famous one among the database, which was created by Marvles. All these characters are linked with some special features and special characteristics. All these characters can be differentiated with appearance and abilities. Some of them are available with abilities that cannot be beaten by anyone, and some of them are being the Enemies of others.


When it comes to looking at the basic characters possessed by these Marvel White Tigers, some of them are similar. These are:

  • At the very first, when it comes to looking at the power possessed by them, they all are very powerful. None of the Marvel White Tigers lack in power. If somehow there is any lakh in power, the same will be compensated with other characteristics available.
  • Appearance also makes a big difference. All these are distinguishable from each other on the basis of appearance. Some of them are emulated with very powerful sports, and some of them are having a normal appearance. One can easily look at the characters as per their requirements.
  • Their name also plays a big difference. Every one of them was a different name. It totally depends on how one is treating them as per the character played by these Marvel White Tiger. The name of the character varies.
  • They have the ability to fight with everyone available. There is nothing that can let the Tigers face like they are not ready for the challenge. Register me to be the part of the same, and victory always knocks at their door.

And many other features are there which make these tigers different from each other. If you wish to know more about the White Tiger Marvel or you have any queries considering to them, then let us know in the comment section below. We will try to get back to you with the solution and will try to resolve all the queries you are having. In case you have any other info considered to them, you are most welcome for it as well.

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White tigers: Things to know

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credits – onfocus.news

White tigers are known to be the most beautiful and fascinating Tigers among all the Tigers available. There looks and the manner in which they behave makes them unique and mythical. When it comes to looking closer to these white tigers, there are so many factors that make them the center of attraction where they are available. Nowadays, one cannot find these white tigers easily. But in some zoos, these are still preserved.

Weather update for an adult is looking forward to the room. They will always find these tigers to be fascinating because of their unique looks. If you are among those who wish to know more about these white tigers, then some of the things are mentioned here, which will help you to understand them more easily.

What is a white tiger?

The white tiger is known to be one of the rarest forms of the Bengal tiger. The color of a tiger is why it is due to the recessive gene inherited from its parents. Due to the presence of this recessive gene, the color of these tigers known to be white, and sometimes people consider them to be the unique ones because of the color only. But it is not to be confused that these are not the subspecies of tiger. These are the result of inbreeding only.

A white tiger can only be produced when both the parents possess the recessive genes when they are meeting. If they are not available at the same, then the color of the tiger will not be white.

Where does the tiger come from?

When it comes to looking at the present Era, there are no white tigers available in the wild. The entire population of the white tiger lives in captivity. These tigers were found in the wild in India. And the largest was captured in the last 1950s. These are not ones who have entered the earth by any magic. These are purely the result of inbreeding between the parents having the recessive gene. The first tiger was recorded in India in 1561 near Gwalior India.

Description about White Tiger:


In comparison with the Bengal tiger, the color of the white tiger is lighter. The coat of the white tiger is light cream in color and has some grey and light brown stripes over it.


The face of the white tiger is somewhat similar to the face of the Other Bengal tigers. The only difference which makes them unique words to consider is the color. The fur available on their face is of white color, and their nose is of Rose pink color. But when it comes to looking at their eyes, these are also very different compared to Bengal tigers.


The eyes possessed by white tigers are very beautiful Sapphire Blue Eyes. These eyes make them look more exotic. In some species of the tiger, the eye color can be green or Amber.


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Genus: Panthera

Characteristics of the white tiger:

Numerous of characteristics are there which are related to these white tigers. If one wish to know more about them here some of them are mentioned which will help you to understand about the characteristics possessed by white tigers easily.

  • The feature which makes these tigers the most once to consider is there for color. Due to the absence of any other color in there for they are known to be the best was to consider. The color of these triggers is white due to the absence of color pigment pheomelanin. If the color pigment pheomelanin is present, then they will definitely process the color orange.
  • These white tigers areknown to grow faster as compared to other Bengal tigers. At the age of 2 or 3 years, the white tigers are fully grown. But the same is noticed in Bengal Tigers very late.
  • White tigers are known to be bigger in size as compared to other Bengal tigers available. At the time of birth and in adulthood, the weight of the Tiger varies accordingly. The weight of an adult male white tiger is around 190-260 kilograms, andthe Adult female White Tiger weighs around 158 kilograms.
  • They run at the top speed of 96 km per hour. This speed is considered to be faster than the Bengal tigers. The lifespan of these tigers is in between 10 to 20 years.
  • The Tigers are known to be carnivorous like other tigers available. And mainly in their diet, they include the hunted herbivores like wild Boar porcupines, goats, buffalo, monkeys, and so on. In case they are not able to get the herbivore, or they can kill the young ones wolves, leopards, rhinoceros, and other elephants available.
  • White tigers require 18 kg of meat at a time. And also they like to have fresh meat only.
  • Habitat liked by white tigers:

The habitat in which these white tigers like to decide also plays a big difference. In comparison with Bengal tigers, their habitat is a bit different. Usually, it has been seen that they use to decide with Bengal tigers only. But somehow they just want to decide in the wild only more in the availability of available around them also plays a big role. If there is no hand available, then the place is not useful for the wild tigers to decide. Historically these tigers usually found in Savannah, swamps, temperate coniferous, Tropical rainforest, Rocky countries, mangroves, and so on.

Moreover, it is also important that the area in which they are residing must have the availability of water as well. Throughout the year, it is necessary that they are available with animals to hunt and water. The territory which is required by these tigers to live is around 10 to 30 square miles.

And many other features and characteristics are there which are linked with these tigers. If you wish to know more or you have any doubt considering to the same let us known in the comment section below.

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Down Syndrome Tiger – Briefly Explained

Credits - Thedodo.com
down syndrome tiger
Credits – Thedodo.com

Forest animals and wild animals are the most endangered species that are present in the world. Yet, there are people who simply pet wild animals at their home itself, of course, not everyone can do so, it needs special permission from the animal rescue board, permission from the government and some special training skills set to take care of such forest animals. However, these animals are often habitual to the wildlife and the surroundings over there in the forests. Well, even animals are affected by certain organisms that could lead to allergies and certain diseases. There is one such diseased animal which is known as Down Syndrome Tiger.

Animals are very much similar to humans, even these animals do have genetic diseases and hereditary problems that could simply affect any animals’ health and trouble them in the later stage for sure. There have been updates about animals that are struggling with such major diseases which also includes Down syndrome, one of the major disease that is not easily curable. Yes, if you ask, even animals do suffer from such diseases and the reasons could be any from the entire list, and even wrong breeding or incest be a reason for getting affected from Down syndrome.

If you know, there is Down syndrome Tiger, and his name is Kenny! However, this particular tiger was rescued when he was 2 years old while he was living in Arkansas. However, as the time went on the tiger suffered out of Down syndrome and could not be sold in the animal places or even in the zoos. The zoologists even say that white tigers should be bread or inappropriate breeding among such white tigers can cause major genetic problems. There are some facts that you should know about this particular Down syndrome tiger.

Does the tiger really have Down syndrome?

Well, this is actually a question that many of them would ask, but if you see the tiger’s face, you would quickly interpret that the tiger has Down syndrome, and even the media has misinterpreted that the tiger has Down syndrome because of the way it looks or it appears. Yet, the doctors who examined the tiger had proved that the tiger is absolutely normal and does not have any kind of diseases or health issues apart from dental issues. Of course, as per the reports that have been examined with the tiger, it is completely factual that the tiger does not have Down syndrome instead it just has a broad face shape and that even does not look like a tiger.

As per recent research and studies on animals, it is also said that such faces are created or such faces occur since birth and it is nothing related to syndrome problems, it is due to incest breeding. The breeders often breed sibling tigers to produce white tigers over and over again. If you see the tiger with Down syndrome, you will surely fall in love with this tiger for sure. Kenny is beautiful, does not look scary or dangered, it looks totally perfect like a dog breed- Pug!

What causes Down syndrome in Animals?

We all know Down syndrome is such a genetic disease that is caused due to irregular subdivisions of cells and it also results in the extra pair of chromosome 21. When the person’s genes have an extra copy of chromosomes, it is known as chromosomes 21. However, when it comes to humans, people are born with 23 chromosomes, but unlike others, the people who are born with 21 chromosomes are affected by Down syndrome, and yes if you ask Down syndrome does affect other body organs as well including the brains, heart, and many of them would have dental issues altogether.

So far, the maternal age has been confirmed as one of the symptoms of babies being born with Down syndrome. If women under 35 years are having babies then there might be a case of Down syndrome for sure. However, other such reasons with regards to Down syndrome in humans are still unknown. If we skip to animals having Down syndrome then there are certain factors that could be the reason for such a genetic disease occurring in the animals.

There have been a few cases founded in animals that are alive with Down syndrome, but there are a few facts to the case. Well, the genetic causes of animals are not at all similar to that of humans and they are totally different on the whole. Of course, there might be duplication of chromosomes in animals too, but the effect could never be the same as that of humans. Well, if you go deeper, the cats only have 19 chromosomes in their body to make up their entire physique too, and not animals have 23 chromosomes as that of we humans.

Then what about the animals that we come across having Down syndrome?

Well, if you see they are animals that have various health issues and hormone deficiencies. Inbreeding is another reason that has made them go through such genetic diseases. However, there are some physical traits that are similar to Down syndrome and somewhere it has been mistaken that it is Down syndrome for sure. Not just tigers and other wild animals, there are many animals being affected due to such inbreeding system practised during mating season or breeding season to increase the population of the animals in the animal kingdom.

If seen more carefully, this inbreeding by breeders is the major reason for tigers with Down syndrome and such practice could totally destroy the animal kingdom if continued with the same. Also, breeding should be appropriate and under the consultation of veterinarians only and as according to their instructions and the health condition of the animals should be checked as well.


Well, it is said that these updates are somewhere not true and it is kind of a myth about animals having Down syndrome. However, Down syndrome Tiger could be true or may not be true only the medical reports can state the facts and conditions well.

Learn about Down Syndrome Tiger

White Tiger Facts and Information

Image credits – dmjapan.blogspot.com

Among all the tigers in the world, the colour of the fur of white tigers makes them the most fascinating and distinctive. Their looks make them attractive and unique, which becomes the reason for their centre of attraction in the zoo for the visitors. Well, the Bengal tigers with orange colour fur have the lack of the pigment called pheomelanin, which turns the orange hair into white. And in comparison to the orange Bengal tigers, white Bengal tigers have faster and more substantial growth. Within 2-3 years, white tigers are fully grown. Three meters is the highest length up to which they can grow and can gain weight up to 200-230 kilograms. 

Well, as we have already said above, these tigers are the most attractive, and one of the reasons for their beautiful look is the irregular pattern of the strips. Yes, folks, the stripes of these tigers look like the fingerprints, and the most astounding thing about them is that none of the tigers follows the same pattern. 

How Is White Siberian Tiger Born?

Image credits – mercurynews.com

Both the parents must carry the white colour unusual gene, so, a white Bengal tiger will get born. Well, it is a rare case once in 10,000 births when a natural white tiger is born. But all these tigers live in capacity, so, it is believed, there are no white tigers in the wild. In India, these tigers were found in the wild, and they were captured last in the 1950s. Well, it is also believed, this single tiger has generated the entire population of these tigers. Between AD 48-1000, the first sight of the tiger was recorded, and seven were found in Jiangxi, China, Fujian, and Hunan and Guangdong. In India, the first tiger was recorded in Akbar Nama. 

Classification of Tiger Extinct 

The scientific name of these tigers is Panthera tigris Tigris, also known as White Bengal Tiger. So, below, we have shared the taxonomic classification:

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Family: Felidae
  • Order: Carnivora
  • Genus: Panthera


Well, the colour of the fur is the most striking feature, which is owned by the orange Bengal tigers due to the absence of colour pigment pheomelanin.

The eyes in the sapphire blue colour also gave them a staggering look. And within 2-3 years, Baby White Tiger grows because they have faster growth than orange tigers.

What do they eat?

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These Endangered Species hunt other animals and eat meat. Though white tigers are not found in the wild now, they hunted like the orange tigers when they were found a couple of years ago. They quietly approach their prey in the night, so that, they don’t get detected, and grab them when possible. They mostly target the herbivores, which include: Deer, Wild Boar, Goats, Langur monkeys, Porcupines, Buffalo, and other cattle. Well, they can also kill and eat young wolves, rhinoceros, leopards, and young elephants, if they don’t find herbivores. They like to eat the meat of freshly slaughtered animals, and they can eat around 18KG of beef at a time. 

Where do these Endangered Animals live?

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Before the white Tiger Extinct in the wild, they and the orange tigers lived in the same habitat. Well, what they will eat and what they will hunt decides their habitat and range. These tigers were mainly found in the areas where an ample amount of food, trees, and water are found. Earlier, they were found in a habitat like coniferous, mangroves, swamps, savannah, temperate, tropical rain forests, and rocky country. 

The White Siberian Tiger requires access to water in all the days and a large prey to hunt. Well, they also prefer to live in covered areas to stay hidden. They are also solitary animals who prefer to live in their territory, which covers 10-30 square miles.

The lifecycle of these Endangered Species

As we have already discussed above, these tigers grow within 2-3 years, so, let us apprise you, a female white tiger is ready to give birth to Baby White Tiger at the age of three. These female tigers make scent markings in a jungle for male tigers, which help them in getting a suitable mate. And to locate them quickly, they start roaring. They can produce 2-3 cubs on average, and they live with their mother for 2-3 years. As long as a cub lives with his/her mother, the mother teaches them how to hunt and how they can survive alone. And then they grew up after 2-3 years, and become mature. Well, if humans don’t kill them, they can live up to 12-15 years in the wild. But today they can live up to 20 years in the zoo. Well, we must try to save wildlife and allow them to live longer.

Well, these cubs are born blind and weigh around 2-3 pounds. Their mother feeds them with her milk for 6-8 weeks. After this period, they start feeding on their mother’s hunt by accompanying them. And they start hunting themselves after 1.5 years.

The behaviour of Siberian Tiger

This wildlife animal lives in its territory and doesn’t allow any other wildlife to enter because it likes to live alone. But for mating purposes, the male tiger overlaps with various female tigers. They are nocturnal and ambush predators in nature, which means, they become active at night to hunt the herbivores secretly, so that, they don’t get detected and attack them surprisingly. Since they are large in size and heavy in weight, so, they take their advantage and knock on their prey with their weight. They then bite their necks and kill them to get fresh meat. Well, they can also target herbivores while swimming because they are efficient swimmers.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, it is all in this article. Well, we have covered almost every topic of this wildlife animal, so we hope the guide was helpful for you guys. So, we would now sum up here with the complete information about Bengal Tiger. Thank You. 

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How to save White Tigers from extinction

You can find below a few lists of practical steps that can be implemented to save the White tigers from extinction:

Reducing Natural resources pressure – It is essential to reduce the products utilization that is derived from forests like paper and timber.

Assistance for preventing Wildlife trade – Users need to refuse to purchase the tiger items and products prepared from its derivatives. We need to discuss with ungulate poachers and advise them not to poach White tigers. In case, if you are aware of any illegal trade or poaching then immediately contact the local law enforcement community for further assistance.

Voice your Concerns – If you really feel and concerned about tiger conservation then you can draft a request letter to your local MP, Ministers of Forest & Environment, or even the Prime Minister.

Responsible Tourist – You need to experience the wilderness and not too polluted & disturbed. It is important to follow the guidelines while visiting the tiger reserve or any wilderness area.

Spread the World – You need to convey the importance of the tiger and its habitat to others to save them. Users can also join the web discussions or create a forum to exchange the conversation on the tiger.

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Why are tigers endangered?


The most important reasons why tigers are endangered because of illegal hunting, logging, habitat, and forest destruction. For medicines, the tiger body parts are utilized. Only a few of them are left around the world within a small area of far-Eastern coastal Russia. The tigers are easily threatened by development, road-building, logging due to habitat, inbreeding problems, and poaching.


People can stop trafficking & killing of tigers to ensure this world with a huge population of wild White tigers. The following are the key strategies:

  • Monitor threats to tigers, its habitats, population trends, and tiger numbers.
  • Promote tiger-friendly policies.
  • You can inform about conservation strategies by conducting the tiger’s scientific research.
  • Reduce the conflict between the human-tiger.
  • Build capacity within the range states.
  • Protect tigers & its habitat.

Why are Siberian tigers endangered?


Conservation Efforts – The dwindling population can be counteracted by the countries government by setting nature preserves that assist to stabilize their numbers. They are even monitoring captive populations. The reserved area will allow the tigers to bread, hunt, and chance to roam without loss of habitat or human interaction fear.

Poaching – It is illegal to hunt the Siberian tiger and its body parts are worth money to make a great deal. The parts are used for meat and traditional medicine. Poaching is another important reason to reduce the wild population of Siberian tigers.

Food Sources Loss – Siberian Tigers will mostly rely on its favorite prey like rabbits, bears, fish, and deer. If it is not able to find those animals then it can find out for domesticated animals. Many humans will be a direct threat and may kill or shoot them. Most of the spooked tigers may also attack humans.

Habitat Destruction – Siberian tigers will need their habitat in the forest. Logging will automatically destroy its hunting grounds. Structural, furniture support, and even humans will hunt the same prey for food purposes. Since there is no option, tigers need to migrate to smaller areas.

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WCS Russia – Russia is dedicatedly working for Siberian tiger’s protection (its native species) and fighting against poachers.

World Wildlife Fund – Understand the importance of Siberian Tiger and need to plan for saving its reproduction or population.

Tiger Alliance & Amur Leopard – This species can be saved by banding together across the globe (how zoos are coordinated), providing a monetary donation, and its threats.

Why are Bengal tigers endangered?


Concerning habitat loss that was caused by human poachers hunting and deforestation, the Bengal tigers are also listed down under the endangered species list. Only 2,000 Bengal tigers are left across the globe.

Habitat Loss – The risks of Tiger habitats are infrastructure development, forests conversion to commercial or agriculture plantations, and logging. This can gradually increase the human-wildlife conflict and accessibility for poachers.

Prey Loss – In some areas, the tigers may suffer from severe loss to get natural prey such as wild cattle, wild boar, and deer. The prey numbers are reduced due to direct poaching for trade & meat.

Human-Wildlife Conflict – While losing prey species and habitat, they come into direct conflict with humans. Sometimes for retailing business and domestic attacks.

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With a huge decrease of the Bengal tigers, the Conservationists and the World Bank had taken appropriate action with an effort to save this endangered species. Their objectives are to stop the tiger’s habitat destruction and animal body parts trading under the black market. Rangers are provided with rewards for saving this tiger species. You can purchase any forest-friendly products or even donate a certain amount to this welfare foundation.

Why are Sumatran tigers endangered?


Due to logging, the Sumatran Tigers are considered as another endangered species with cut-down habitat. Another reason could be human’s hunting, killing, and poaching them. Humans kill them and sold tiger products such as coats, rugs, and other woman’s accessories. The main reason for cutting down habitat since the trees has palm oil content. Most of them will prefer to use palm oil for their cooking purpose, which you can see in the local supermarkets.

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Increased effectiveness of PA (Protected Areas) management evaluation, introducing systematic monitoring, low enforcement capacity & strengthening patrolling, renewing the NTRP (National Tiger Recovery Plan), and also upgrading the PA (Protected areas) management plans. Creating biodiversity management and coordinate the entire relevant agencies to focus with regard to human-tiger conflict mitigation, PA buffer zones exotic plantation operations, infrastructure development, and illegal wildlife trade pertinent issues. The entire efforts will be monitored and guided through threat & prey assessments and tiger developed the project.

Inadequate financial management and planning for PA (protected areas) will share & demonstrate the financing mechanisms with a new sustainable form to meet the expenditure for long-term management to protect the potential priority landscapes for successful models replication.

You can find numerous reasons why Tigers are endangered because of illegal hunting, logging, habitat, and forest destruction. Many people would like to know why are tigers becoming extinct and they are easily threatened by development, road-building, logging due to habitat, inbreeding problems, and poaching. The Siberian tigers, Bengal tigers, and Sumatran tigers are considered to be endangered species and also endangered animals across the other animals within the wild forest.

We all know that Kenny is named as the first White tiger with Down syndrome and lives within the Eureka Springs, Arkansas (Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge). Most of the tigers will have yellow eyes and only a few baby white tiger with blue eyes are available across the forest. The White fur gene is being linked directly with blue eyes gene. Tigers can make use of their urine to scratch the trees and make their territories.

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