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White tigers are known to be the most beautiful and fascinating Tigers among all the Tigers available. There looks and the manner in which they behave makes them unique and mythical. When it comes to looking closer to these white tigers, there are so many factors that make them the center of attraction where they are available. Nowadays, one cannot find these white tigers easily. But in some zoos, these are still preserved.

Weather update for an adult is looking forward to the room. They will always find these tigers to be fascinating because of their unique looks. If you are among those who wish to know more about these white tigers, then some of the things are mentioned here, which will help you to understand them more easily.

What is a white tiger?

The white tiger is known to be one of the rarest forms of the Bengal tiger. The color of a tiger is why it is due to the recessive gene inherited from its parents. Due to the presence of this recessive gene, the color of these tigers known to be white, and sometimes people consider them to be the unique ones because of the color only. But it is not to be confused that these are not the subspecies of tiger. These are the result of inbreeding only.

A white tiger can only be produced when both the parents possess the recessive genes when they are meeting. If they are not available at the same, then the color of the tiger will not be white.

Where does the tiger come from?

When it comes to looking at the present Era, there are no white tigers available in the wild. The entire population of the white tiger lives in captivity. These tigers were found in the wild in India. And the largest was captured in the last 1950s. These are not ones who have entered the earth by any magic. These are purely the result of inbreeding between the parents having the recessive gene. The first tiger was recorded in India in 1561 near Gwalior India.

Description about White Tiger:


In comparison with the Bengal tiger, the color of the white tiger is lighter. The coat of the white tiger is light cream in color and has some grey and light brown stripes over it.


The face of the white tiger is somewhat similar to the face of the Other Bengal tigers. The only difference which makes them unique words to consider is the color. The fur available on their face is of white color, and their nose is of Rose pink color. But when it comes to looking at their eyes, these are also very different compared to Bengal tigers.


The eyes possessed by white tigers are very beautiful Sapphire Blue Eyes. These eyes make them look more exotic. In some species of the tiger, the eye color can be green or Amber.


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Genus: Panthera

Characteristics of the white tiger:

Numerous of characteristics are there which are related to these white tigers. If one wish to know more about them here some of them are mentioned which will help you to understand about the characteristics possessed by white tigers easily.

  • The feature which makes these tigers the most once to consider is there for color. Due to the absence of any other color in there for they are known to be the best was to consider. The color of these triggers is white due to the absence of color pigment pheomelanin. If the color pigment pheomelanin is present, then they will definitely process the color orange.
  • These white tigers areknown to grow faster as compared to other Bengal tigers. At the age of 2 or 3 years, the white tigers are fully grown. But the same is noticed in Bengal Tigers very late.
  • White tigers are known to be bigger in size as compared to other Bengal tigers available. At the time of birth and in adulthood, the weight of the Tiger varies accordingly. The weight of an adult male white tiger is around 190-260 kilograms, andthe Adult female White Tiger weighs around 158 kilograms.
  • They run at the top speed of 96 km per hour. This speed is considered to be faster than the Bengal tigers. The lifespan of these tigers is in between 10 to 20 years.
  • The Tigers are known to be carnivorous like other tigers available. And mainly in their diet, they include the hunted herbivores like wild Boar porcupines, goats, buffalo, monkeys, and so on. In case they are not able to get the herbivore, or they can kill the young ones wolves, leopards, rhinoceros, and other elephants available.
  • White tigers require 18 kg of meat at a time. And also they like to have fresh meat only.
  • Habitat liked by white tigers:

The habitat in which these white tigers like to decide also plays a big difference. In comparison with Bengal tigers, their habitat is a bit different. Usually, it has been seen that they use to decide with Bengal tigers only. But somehow they just want to decide in the wild only more in the availability of available around them also plays a big role. If there is no hand available, then the place is not useful for the wild tigers to decide. Historically these tigers usually found in Savannah, swamps, temperate coniferous, Tropical rainforest, Rocky countries, mangroves, and so on.

Moreover, it is also important that the area in which they are residing must have the availability of water as well. Throughout the year, it is necessary that they are available with animals to hunt and water. The territory which is required by these tigers to live is around 10 to 30 square miles.

And many other features and characteristics are there which are linked with these tigers. If you wish to know more or you have any doubt considering to the same let us known in the comment section below.

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