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Forest animals and wild animals are the most endangered species that are present in the world. Yet, there are people who simply pet wild animals at their home itself, of course, not everyone can do so, it needs special permission from the animal rescue board, permission from the government and some special training skills set to take care of such forest animals. However, these animals are often habitual to the wildlife and the surroundings over there in the forests. Well, even animals are affected by certain organisms that could lead to allergies and certain diseases. There is one such diseased animal which is known as Down Syndrome Tiger.

Animals are very much similar to humans, even these animals do have genetic diseases and hereditary problems that could simply affect any animals’ health and trouble them in the later stage for sure. There have been updates about animals that are struggling with such major diseases which also includes Down syndrome, one of the major disease that is not easily curable. Yes, if you ask, even animals do suffer from such diseases and the reasons could be any from the entire list, and even wrong breeding or incest be a reason for getting affected from Down syndrome.

If you know, there is Down syndrome Tiger, and his name is Kenny! However, this particular tiger was rescued when he was 2 years old while he was living in Arkansas. However, as the time went on the tiger suffered out of Down syndrome and could not be sold in the animal places or even in the zoos. The zoologists even say that white tigers should be bread or inappropriate breeding among such white tigers can cause major genetic problems. There are some facts that you should know about this particular Down syndrome tiger.

Does the tiger really have Down syndrome?

Well, this is actually a question that many of them would ask, but if you see the tiger’s face, you would quickly interpret that the tiger has Down syndrome, and even the media has misinterpreted that the tiger has Down syndrome because of the way it looks or it appears. Yet, the doctors who examined the tiger had proved that the tiger is absolutely normal and does not have any kind of diseases or health issues apart from dental issues. Of course, as per the reports that have been examined with the tiger, it is completely factual that the tiger does not have Down syndrome instead it just has a broad face shape and that even does not look like a tiger.

As per recent research and studies on animals, it is also said that such faces are created or such faces occur since birth and it is nothing related to syndrome problems, it is due to incest breeding. The breeders often breed sibling tigers to produce white tigers over and over again. If you see the tiger with Down syndrome, you will surely fall in love with this tiger for sure. Kenny is beautiful, does not look scary or dangered, it looks totally perfect like a dog breed- Pug!

What causes Down syndrome in Animals?

We all know Down syndrome is such a genetic disease that is caused due to irregular subdivisions of cells and it also results in the extra pair of chromosome 21. When the person’s genes have an extra copy of chromosomes, it is known as chromosomes 21. However, when it comes to humans, people are born with 23 chromosomes, but unlike others, the people who are born with 21 chromosomes are affected by Down syndrome, and yes if you ask Down syndrome does affect other body organs as well including the brains, heart, and many of them would have dental issues altogether.

So far, the maternal age has been confirmed as one of the symptoms of babies being born with Down syndrome. If women under 35 years are having babies then there might be a case of Down syndrome for sure. However, other such reasons with regards to Down syndrome in humans are still unknown. If we skip to animals having Down syndrome then there are certain factors that could be the reason for such a genetic disease occurring in the animals.

There have been a few cases founded in animals that are alive with Down syndrome, but there are a few facts to the case. Well, the genetic causes of animals are not at all similar to that of humans and they are totally different on the whole. Of course, there might be duplication of chromosomes in animals too, but the effect could never be the same as that of humans. Well, if you go deeper, the cats only have 19 chromosomes in their body to make up their entire physique too, and not animals have 23 chromosomes as that of we humans.

Then what about the animals that we come across having Down syndrome?

Well, if you see they are animals that have various health issues and hormone deficiencies. Inbreeding is another reason that has made them go through such genetic diseases. However, there are some physical traits that are similar to Down syndrome and somewhere it has been mistaken that it is Down syndrome for sure. Not just tigers and other wild animals, there are many animals being affected due to such inbreeding system practised during mating season or breeding season to increase the population of the animals in the animal kingdom.

If seen more carefully, this inbreeding by breeders is the major reason for tigers with Down syndrome and such practice could totally destroy the animal kingdom if continued with the same. Also, breeding should be appropriate and under the consultation of veterinarians only and as according to their instructions and the health condition of the animals should be checked as well.


Well, it is said that these updates are somewhere not true and it is kind of a myth about animals having Down syndrome. However, Down syndrome Tiger could be true or may not be true only the medical reports can state the facts and conditions well.

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