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How to save White Tigers from extinction

You can find below a few lists of practical steps that can be implemented to save the White tigers from extinction:

Reducing Natural resources pressure – It is essential to reduce the products utilization that is derived from forests like paper and timber.

Assistance for preventing Wildlife trade – Users need to refuse to purchase the tiger items and products prepared from its derivatives. We need to discuss with ungulate poachers and advise them not to poach White tigers. In case, if you are aware of any illegal trade or poaching then immediately contact the local law enforcement community for further assistance.

Voice your Concerns – If you really feel and concerned about tiger conservation then you can draft a request letter to your local MP, Ministers of Forest & Environment, or even the Prime Minister.

Responsible Tourist – You need to experience the wilderness and not too polluted & disturbed. It is important to follow the guidelines while visiting the tiger reserve or any wilderness area.

Spread the World – You need to convey the importance of the tiger and its habitat to others to save them. Users can also join the web discussions or create a forum to exchange the conversation on the tiger.

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Why are tigers endangered?


The most important reasons why tigers are endangered because of illegal hunting, logging, habitat, and forest destruction. For medicines, the tiger body parts are utilized. Only a few of them are left around the world within a small area of far-Eastern coastal Russia. The tigers are easily threatened by development, road-building, logging due to habitat, inbreeding problems, and poaching.


People can stop trafficking & killing of tigers to ensure this world with a huge population of wild White tigers. The following are the key strategies:

  • Monitor threats to tigers, its habitats, population trends, and tiger numbers.
  • Promote tiger-friendly policies.
  • You can inform about conservation strategies by conducting the tiger’s scientific research.
  • Reduce the conflict between the human-tiger.
  • Build capacity within the range states.
  • Protect tigers & its habitat.

Why are Siberian tigers endangered?


Conservation Efforts – The dwindling population can be counteracted by the countries government by setting nature preserves that assist to stabilize their numbers. They are even monitoring captive populations. The reserved area will allow the tigers to bread, hunt, and chance to roam without loss of habitat or human interaction fear.

Poaching – It is illegal to hunt the Siberian tiger and its body parts are worth money to make a great deal. The parts are used for meat and traditional medicine. Poaching is another important reason to reduce the wild population of Siberian tigers.

Food Sources Loss – Siberian Tigers will mostly rely on its favorite prey like rabbits, bears, fish, and deer. If it is not able to find those animals then it can find out for domesticated animals. Many humans will be a direct threat and may kill or shoot them. Most of the spooked tigers may also attack humans.

Habitat Destruction – Siberian tigers will need their habitat in the forest. Logging will automatically destroy its hunting grounds. Structural, furniture support, and even humans will hunt the same prey for food purposes. Since there is no option, tigers need to migrate to smaller areas.

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WCS Russia – Russia is dedicatedly working for Siberian tiger’s protection (its native species) and fighting against poachers.

World Wildlife Fund – Understand the importance of Siberian Tiger and need to plan for saving its reproduction or population.

Tiger Alliance & Amur Leopard – This species can be saved by banding together across the globe (how zoos are coordinated), providing a monetary donation, and its threats.

Why are Bengal tigers endangered?


Concerning habitat loss that was caused by human poachers hunting and deforestation, the Bengal tigers are also listed down under the endangered species list. Only 2,000 Bengal tigers are left across the globe.

Habitat Loss – The risks of Tiger habitats are infrastructure development, forests conversion to commercial or agriculture plantations, and logging. This can gradually increase the human-wildlife conflict and accessibility for poachers.

Prey Loss – In some areas, the tigers may suffer from severe loss to get natural prey such as wild cattle, wild boar, and deer. The prey numbers are reduced due to direct poaching for trade & meat.

Human-Wildlife Conflict – While losing prey species and habitat, they come into direct conflict with humans. Sometimes for retailing business and domestic attacks.

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With a huge decrease of the Bengal tigers, the Conservationists and the World Bank had taken appropriate action with an effort to save this endangered species. Their objectives are to stop the tiger’s habitat destruction and animal body parts trading under the black market. Rangers are provided with rewards for saving this tiger species. You can purchase any forest-friendly products or even donate a certain amount to this welfare foundation.

Why are Sumatran tigers endangered?


Due to logging, the Sumatran Tigers are considered as another endangered species with cut-down habitat. Another reason could be human’s hunting, killing, and poaching them. Humans kill them and sold tiger products such as coats, rugs, and other woman’s accessories. The main reason for cutting down habitat since the trees has palm oil content. Most of them will prefer to use palm oil for their cooking purpose, which you can see in the local supermarkets.

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Increased effectiveness of PA (Protected Areas) management evaluation, introducing systematic monitoring, low enforcement capacity & strengthening patrolling, renewing the NTRP (National Tiger Recovery Plan), and also upgrading the PA (Protected areas) management plans. Creating biodiversity management and coordinate the entire relevant agencies to focus with regard to human-tiger conflict mitigation, PA buffer zones exotic plantation operations, infrastructure development, and illegal wildlife trade pertinent issues. The entire efforts will be monitored and guided through threat & prey assessments and tiger developed the project.

Inadequate financial management and planning for PA (protected areas) will share & demonstrate the financing mechanisms with a new sustainable form to meet the expenditure for long-term management to protect the potential priority landscapes for successful models replication.

You can find numerous reasons why Tigers are endangered because of illegal hunting, logging, habitat, and forest destruction. Many people would like to know why are tigers becoming extinct and they are easily threatened by development, road-building, logging due to habitat, inbreeding problems, and poaching. The Siberian tigers, Bengal tigers, and Sumatran tigers are considered to be endangered species and also endangered animals across the other animals within the wild forest.

We all know that Kenny is named as the first White tiger with Down syndrome and lives within the Eureka Springs, Arkansas (Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge). Most of the tigers will have yellow eyes and only a few baby white tiger with blue eyes are available across the forest. The White fur gene is being linked directly with blue eyes gene. Tigers can make use of their urine to scratch the trees and make their territories.

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