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The White Tiger is a debut novel given by Aravind Adiga. He is an Indian author. Which book was published in the year 2008 and the author was awarded as 40th Man Booker. The whole content of this book is given to the perspective of India’s class struggling in the globalized world. The narration has been given around a village boy named Balram halwai. In this noble, the journey of Balram has been described how he struggled in his life. The details of Balram journey to Delhi and then to Bangalore has been described. In Delhi, Balram worked as a chauffeur for a rich landlord and then he went to Bangalore.

Through this novel The White Tiger, the author tries to examine the issues related to corruption, caste, religion, loyalty and poverty in the Indian country. Indus flow Noble, the struggle of Balram is shown that how is he struggled in life and established his own taxi service point in a nation where everyone is shedding the poverty and underdeveloped history, he is the one who represents himself as tomorrow.

The White Tiger – The Award-winning Novel

This novel, The White Tiger has been well received and also along with the Man Booker prize it also been listed in the New York Times bestseller list. At the age of 33, Aravind Adiga was the second youngest writer and The Fourth debut writer who won the price in the year 2008. The author says that this novel is an attempt to help you in understanding the voice of the colossal underclass person. It is basically a capture of the unspoken voice of people from the darkness especially, the people residing in the rural areas of India. He wanted to sentimentally portray the humorous weaklings of the country.

Plot summary of Bengal tiger

In this novel The White Tiger, Balram halwai is the prime narrator. And he narrates his whole life in a letter where he explains how being a son of a popular he escaped from life and become a successful businessman. He describes himself as an entrepreneur in the letter that he completed in seventh consecutive nights.

According to the details given in the letter of The White Tiger Novel, he was born in the rural village of Laxman Garh where he lived with his grandparents, parents, brother and extended family. He was a smart child but due to having poverty, he was forced to leave the school. In order to pay for the cousin’s dowry, he started working at a tea shop. By listening to the consumer conversations from the tea shop, he started learning about the government of India and the economic factor as well. In his letter, he describes that he is a bad servant but still he was a good listener. Thereafter he decided to become a driver.

After taking the decision, he started learning how to drive. Thereafter he finds the driver job in the lakshmangarh landlord house. From a small car, he takes over the job of the main driver. He drives heavy luxury cars as Honda City. Thereafter he stops sending money to his family and started disrespecting his grandmother when he gets back to his village. Thereafter he moved to New Delhi with Ashok and his wife. After reaching Delhi and residing there, he gets exposed to the extensive corruption especially in the government. In Delhi, he becomes more evident in the contrast between the wealthy and the poor.

One night it happened that Pinky madam the wife of Ashok takes the car from Balram when she was drunk. Thereafter she hit something in the road and then drives away. It was assumed that she has killed a child. Thereafter the family of the landlord Ashok puts a pressure on Balram to confess that he was driving the car alone. Ashok was so much involved in driving a matter with the government officials because of his family coal business. Later on, Balram decides that he will kill the landlord that is Ashok and then only he will be able to escape. But he was still unable or unwilling to break out the cage. Even, Ashok was also portrayed as being trapped in the metaphorical rooster coop. Ashok family controls what he does and the society dictates how he will act.

Balram bludgeoning Ashok with a bottle and then steel a large bribe and move to Bangalore. Later on, he bribes the police to help him it starting his own taxi business. Just like Ashok, Balram page of a family whose son was hit and killed. Thereafter Balram also explains that how his own family was almost certainly killed by the relatives of Ashok as a retribution for his mother. Thereafter, he ends his letter. At the end of the noble, Balram also rationalize is his actions and considered that his freedom is worth the life of his family and of Ashok family as well. Thereafter he just enters the letter and let the readers to think about the dark humour of the story.

Globalization and Individuality – The White Tiger

The White Tiger Novel shows how the Indian market and Indian society is and how corruption and bribe have changed the whole game. In the first decade, India has become one of the fastest-growing economies. Additionally, Americanization in India has also played an important role. Even there were several bonds of madam Pinky that Ashok wants to fulfil and due to this Ashok Pinky and Balram move towards guru gram New Delhi. This all is because of the willingness to adapt the Americanization. Instead of moving to America, Ashok decided to take madam Pinky to Delhi because it is full of shopping malls and cinemas so that if madam Pinky missed America then she can easily feel good.

The term The White Tiger is a symbolization of power in East Asian cultures. It is the symbol of freedom and individuality. Balram is seen as different as compared to those he grew up with. He is basically one of those who grew up in darkness and started their own way towards light and become a successful entrepreneur.

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