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White Tiger Facts and Information

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Among all the tigers in the world, the colour of the fur of white tigers makes them the most fascinating and distinctive. Their looks make them attractive and unique, which becomes the reason for their centre of attraction in the zoo for the visitors. Well, the Bengal tigers with orange colour fur have the lack of the pigment called pheomelanin, which turns the orange hair into white. And in comparison to the orange Bengal tigers, white Bengal tigers have faster and more substantial growth. Within 2-3 years, white tigers are fully grown. Three meters is the highest length up to which they can grow and can gain weight up to 200-230 kilograms. 

Well, as we have already said above, these tigers are the most attractive, and one of the reasons for their beautiful look is the irregular pattern of the strips. Yes, folks, the stripes of these tigers look like the fingerprints, and the most astounding thing about them is that none of the tigers follows the same pattern. 

How Is White Siberian Tiger Born?

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Both the parents must carry the white colour unusual gene, so, a white Bengal tiger will get born. Well, it is a rare case once in 10,000 births when a natural white tiger is born. But all these tigers live in capacity, so, it is believed, there are no white tigers in the wild. In India, these tigers were found in the wild, and they were captured last in the 1950s. Well, it is also believed, this single tiger has generated the entire population of these tigers. Between AD 48-1000, the first sight of the tiger was recorded, and seven were found in Jiangxi, China, Fujian, and Hunan and Guangdong. In India, the first tiger was recorded in Akbar Nama. 

Classification of Tiger Extinct 

The scientific name of these tigers is Panthera tigris Tigris, also known as White Bengal Tiger. So, below, we have shared the taxonomic classification:

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Family: Felidae
  • Order: Carnivora
  • Genus: Panthera


Well, the colour of the fur is the most striking feature, which is owned by the orange Bengal tigers due to the absence of colour pigment pheomelanin.

The eyes in the sapphire blue colour also gave them a staggering look. And within 2-3 years, Baby White Tiger grows because they have faster growth than orange tigers.

What do they eat?

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These Endangered Species hunt other animals and eat meat. Though white tigers are not found in the wild now, they hunted like the orange tigers when they were found a couple of years ago. They quietly approach their prey in the night, so that, they don’t get detected, and grab them when possible. They mostly target the herbivores, which include: Deer, Wild Boar, Goats, Langur monkeys, Porcupines, Buffalo, and other cattle. Well, they can also kill and eat young wolves, rhinoceros, leopards, and young elephants, if they don’t find herbivores. They like to eat the meat of freshly slaughtered animals, and they can eat around 18KG of beef at a time. 

Where do these Endangered Animals live?

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Before the white Tiger Extinct in the wild, they and the orange tigers lived in the same habitat. Well, what they will eat and what they will hunt decides their habitat and range. These tigers were mainly found in the areas where an ample amount of food, trees, and water are found. Earlier, they were found in a habitat like coniferous, mangroves, swamps, savannah, temperate, tropical rain forests, and rocky country. 

The White Siberian Tiger requires access to water in all the days and a large prey to hunt. Well, they also prefer to live in covered areas to stay hidden. They are also solitary animals who prefer to live in their territory, which covers 10-30 square miles.

The lifecycle of these Endangered Species

As we have already discussed above, these tigers grow within 2-3 years, so, let us apprise you, a female white tiger is ready to give birth to Baby White Tiger at the age of three. These female tigers make scent markings in a jungle for male tigers, which help them in getting a suitable mate. And to locate them quickly, they start roaring. They can produce 2-3 cubs on average, and they live with their mother for 2-3 years. As long as a cub lives with his/her mother, the mother teaches them how to hunt and how they can survive alone. And then they grew up after 2-3 years, and become mature. Well, if humans don’t kill them, they can live up to 12-15 years in the wild. But today they can live up to 20 years in the zoo. Well, we must try to save wildlife and allow them to live longer.

Well, these cubs are born blind and weigh around 2-3 pounds. Their mother feeds them with her milk for 6-8 weeks. After this period, they start feeding on their mother’s hunt by accompanying them. And they start hunting themselves after 1.5 years.

The behaviour of Siberian Tiger

This wildlife animal lives in its territory and doesn’t allow any other wildlife to enter because it likes to live alone. But for mating purposes, the male tiger overlaps with various female tigers. They are nocturnal and ambush predators in nature, which means, they become active at night to hunt the herbivores secretly, so that, they don’t get detected and attack them surprisingly. Since they are large in size and heavy in weight, so, they take their advantage and knock on their prey with their weight. They then bite their necks and kill them to get fresh meat. Well, they can also target herbivores while swimming because they are efficient swimmers.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, it is all in this article. Well, we have covered almost every topic of this wildlife animal, so we hope the guide was helpful for you guys. So, we would now sum up here with the complete information about Bengal Tiger. Thank You. 

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